Original Touch Induction Boombox Speaker Mini Portable Ultra Wireless Hifi Subwoofer Speakers No Cable No Pairing Box for iPhone

Original Touch Induction Boombox Speaker Mini Portable Ultra Wireless Hifi Subwoofer Speakers No Cable No Pairing Box for iPhone

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Optional Color:  Black

The mini stereo can be powered by lithium batteries or Use data cable plug external power supply







  • - Magically magnified phone, MP3 MP4 MP5 and other audio equipment.
  • - Don't be matched at settings.
  • - Automatic switch.
  • - This product is compatible with all mobile phone and music player with external speakers.
  • - Output Power: 3W * 2RMS.
  • - High performance 5C lithium batteries.
  • - Low power display.
  • - Includes audio input (3.5mm) and DC input (data lines) jacks.



Mobile sensors Sound/ Induction sound/Transformer magic sound

Transformer magic sound/ Sensing the magic sound// Wireless sensor Speaker


                 Concrete Operations:

  • 2.1 Mobile playback devices

Open the speaker switch,Mobile phones and other devices with external speakers placed in the right direction,And external speakers or audio is playing in order to start the product feature to implement audio functionality,Different audio device may be placed in different positions,

Keep trying to set device and transformer resonance(Induction zones is on the front of the product,two on the left,one on the right),Audio device is placed in different areas, the volume and sound quality playback will be different

  • 2.2 Volume adjustment: to adjust the volume, by changing the phone's volume, it will automatically adjust the output volume
  • 2.3 Operation Audio: 3.5mm diameter jack audio cable is provided for most cell phone
  • 2.4 Power supply: the mini speaker can be powered by a lithium-ion battery or external data cable plug DC input power suppl
  • 2.5 Power on/off: when the product is in standby mode, if your music playback device is placed in the correct location, products will be started automatically. Music stops after 1 minute, the product will return to standby mode
  • 2.6 Low battery indicator: the blue light blinks 3 times every 4 seconds, this represents a shortage of electricity. In stand-by mode to be displayed
  • 2.7 External 5V DC input: USB cable can connect the 5V DC external power supply.


When you insert an external power, lithium-ion batteries will not be used!!!



                 Package Included:

  • Touch Speaker with retails package x 1




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